Mortar Reverse Engineering Polican Albania
Anti tank mines

2001 – 2012 – Albania

EOD Solutions Ltd was asked by the United States Department of State to undertake a weapons destruction program to reduce the number of weapons held by the Albanian Armed Forces (AFF) which were surplus to requirements of damaged. In all some 110,000 weapons were destroyed over two different projects.

The US DoS then asked EOD Solutions Ltd to undertake ammunition destruction where 900 tons of unsafe and surplus ammunition was destroyed by open detonation and open burning. A follow on project was completed for the UK DfID for the destruction of a further 500 tons of ammunition.

In 2003 EOD Solutions Ltd looked at the possibility of licensing some Albanian ammunition depots to bring them in line with UN regulations. The company also produced a computer program to assist the AAF with the accounting for their weapons stocks.

2007 EOD Solutions Ltd started work with one of the ammunition production factories to reverse engineer ammunition. This is sound practice as the personnel at the factory were already trained in ammunition matters. In all 30 personnel were employed on the task which was completed on time and within budget. 3000 tons of mortar ammunition was reverse engineered and a second production line was set up for use after EOD Solutions Ltd had completed its task.