Gerdec Shell
Gerdec Shell
Brass Cartridges Gerdec

2008 – 2012 – Gerdec, Albania

After several explosions at a military facility in Gerdec, Albania where 26 people lost their lives and hundreds were injured. EOD Solutions Ltd was contracted to undertake the clean-up of the site which was strewn with ordnance, both fuzed and unfuzed. The area had to be cleared to allow the local inhabitants to reclaim their land which was contaminated with unexploded ammunition. In all 91 acres of land had to be cleared and four very large craters filled in and levelled off. In all some 108,000 shell and over 60,000 brass cartridges were removed and sent for disposal by the Albanian Armed Forces.

EOD Solutions Ltd employed 50 personnel to clear the surface and below ground using the latest locators to map and remove the ammunition that fell back to the site after the explosions and were buried in the ground. It took over 100,000 cubic meters of earth to fill the craters which had to be sifted through a trammel to separate any metal items from the soil. Many fuzes and small shells were found during the filtering process.

As time progressed the vegetation grew on the site which had to be cut and removed before the clearance operation could continue. Heavy digging machines were brought in to assist in the mammoth task of moving so much earth around and to level the site where required. The project proved to be complex and hard work as weather and the terrain made the work difficult and arduous. EOD Solutions Ltd is proud to have been selected for such a large and imposing task in which many other skills were brought together to accomplish the end result where the Albanian Government can hand back the land to the people of Albania.