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About EOD Solutions

EOD Solutions Ltd was conceived as a company that would deal with Logistical disposal of ammunition currently held by countries who wished to dispose of surplus and obsolete stocks.

It also encompasses the storage and transportation of ammunition under consultancy agreements to aid those who wished to become part of the NATO Alliance and wish to bring their stocks within the NATO regulations where possible.

In more recent years EOD Solutions Ltd has become involved in large scale area clearance in the wake of depot or factory explosions where the immediate area is contaminated with unexploded ammunition. The area would then be cleared above and below ground to an agreed depth with the host nation.

Recently EOD Solutions Ltd has become part of the drawdown in Afghanistan where the company works closely with the UK Ministry of Defence and the military personnel on the ground to dispose of the small arms ammunition currently life expired or damaged. This is expected to last until the end of the drawdown in 2014.

The Team


Kenn has managed the operational section of EODS since 2001 and is responsible for the day-to-day running of the company. Kenn worked as the Training Warrant Officer for three Territorial Army IED/EOD units and has experience as an IED/EOD Operator in the UK during the first Gulf War.

Kenn works closely with clients across all areas from the highest of government officials to workers on the ground and each individual has equal importance to the company. Kenn has undertaken many negotiations to build on the previous success of the company and his expertise in the field gives him an ideal background for the decision making and procedural matters of the business.

During the first Gulf War, Kenn also worked at the MoD establishment at Shoeburyness in the UK, where he was an Assistant Trials Conducting Officer. During this time he assisted in various trials of many different types of ammunition and the disposal of Polaris and Excoset missiles and many other types and calibers of ammunition.

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John has been an integral part of the EODS team since 1999. With twenty-four years of ammunitions and weapons expertise gained as an Ammunition Technician in the British Army and eight years in the civilian sector with the UN, SERCO, and civilian companies, his experience is a vital part of the company structure. An ammunition Technician by trade his EOD, IEDD and logistical and managerial skills led him to be awarded an M.B.E. in 1995, Joint Commander In Chief Commendation for Gulf War 1 in 1991 and a Chief Constable of Kent Commendation for his work in the IEDD field in 1985.

John has worked in all fields of munitions management from Small Arms Ammunition (SAA) to Guided Weapons (GW) and has covered areas of procurement, Safety and Storage, storage management, Proof and Firings and Disposal. He is a qualified Improvised Explosive Device Disposal (IEDD), Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) and Biological and Chemical Munitions Disposal (BCMD) operator. He is also qualified in the fields of Total Quality Management (TQM) and Managing Safely with the Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH) organisation.

As Head of Operations, John oversees the operational areas of EODS and works alongside Kenn (MD) to ensure the safe and professional running of the company.

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With over 20 years experience in the Defence and Security industry, he has held senior executive posts in design and engineering development, manufacturing and market development with major defence and technology companies including BAE Systems, General Dynamics, Alenia, Marconi, and Siemens. Wayne has also held executive board positions with the UK Institute for Engineering Design.

He has a wide range of engineering experience including power, microelectronics, control, low frequency, RF, and microwave and millimetre wave design. He has also led many systems projects including simulation, missile systems integration, multifunction land and naval radar, and command and control systems.

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