Privacy and the Data Protection Act

EOD Solutions Ltd is under a legal duty to protect any personal information we collect and we will only use that information in accordance with the law, including the Data Protection Act and the Health and Safety at Work Act. We use leading technologies and encryption software to safeguard data and apply strict security standards to prevent any unauthorised access to it. In order to carry out our functions and respond to enquiries effectively, we will sometimes need to share information with other government departments, the emergency services, law enforcement agencies, public authorities (such as local authorities and the Environment Agency) and organisations acting on our behalf. However, we will only do this where it is permitted by law.


We make every effort to safeguard the information that you provide to us.

If you send an enquiry to EOD Solutions Ltd  asking for information, we may need to contact other agencies to find the answer. We do include your personal information when dealing with your enquiry. When EOD Solutions Ltd has replied to you, they keep a record of your message for three months for reference and audit purposes, after which it is deleted.