Quality policy

The company is committed to Total Quality Management as an aid to increasing the effectiveness of the business and its approach a summarised in the Quality Policy and the Customer Charter.

TQM is an approach to improving the effectiveness and flexibility of business as a whole. It is a quality process, which involves every person and department of an organisation working together to eliminate errors and prevent waste. The benefits of ensuring that tasks are carried out correctly first time are enormous in terms of greater efficiencies, lower costs, improved quality, better reputation and greater market share.

In any competitive economy, continuous cost reduction and quality improvement are essential if an organisation is to stay in operation. Competitiveness a measured by three things; quality, price and delivery.

The theory behind the costs of quality shows that as quality improves costs fall through reduction in failure and appraisal costs. Satisfying the customer in terms of quality and price will clearly benefit market share. The absence of quality problems also removes the need for the hidden operations’ devoted to dealing with failure and waste and de very performance benefits from higher productivity.

Quality is providing for the true requirements of the customer. It should, however, be noted that the customer is not only the company’s client. Any situation whether relaying a message, producing monthly accounts producing a letter or giving instructions should be dealt with by adopting the same approach as that given to our clients. In essence, every employee is both a supplier and a customer.