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Ammunition and weapons demilitarisation

The demilitarisation of ammunition remains a common challenge throughout the world. Since the end of the “cold war” and the downsizing of NATO forces and those of the Eastern Block, large quantities of ammunition have become surplus to requirements.

This coupled with illegal trafficking and the increasing use of ammunition by terrorists and armed local gangs in the large cities has given rise to concerns for the needless loss of lives. Many countries now put demilitarisation high on their list of priorities and as such are actively supporting the effort to rid the world of unwanted surplus – and in some cases dangerous –  stockpile ammunition.

Bringing Governments closer to NATO conformity

EOD Solutions Ltd has worked with Governments to assist in the reform of their armed forces and help in the demilitarisation of many different types of weapons and ammunition, which in turn brings them closer to NATO conformity.

We have undertaken many projects in South Eastern Europe and Africa to reduce either ammunition or weapons stockpiles, working closely with the client to plan and execute the tasks in the most safe, environmentally benign, and cost-effective manner.