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Ammunition Management and Consultancy

EOD Solutions Ltd has the capability to assist Governments and military institutions to undergo changes to their ammunition storage systems to ease them into NATO and UN standards of storage.

Our team of specialists can design ammunition logistics management systems including local regulations to UN and NATO standards. Additionally we have the capability to design, write and introduce procedures for the accounting and management areas.

Handling the future with care and responsibility

Regulations and procedures are aimed to promote a safe system of work, which is achieved using Risk Management techniques designed to minimise hazards from accidents and incidents during explosive logistics operations. We are experienced to carry out all explosive logistics activities in high-threat and post-conflict scenarios including researching and evaluating local security threats and developing appropriate response solutions.

Our capabilities include the design, development and documentation of permanent and temporary storage facilities. EOD Solutions is experienced in the development and introduction and of local regulations and procedures which fully cover the technical, administrative and security aspects. Our team has undertaken comprehensive storage and ammunition management projects to assist a country with grave storage concerns to introduce NATO guidelines to their ammunition management system and also introduced computer databases to enhance the ammunition and weapons accountability.